AFFORD Institute

The AFFORD Institute is a centre that brings together AFFORD's work on:

• Education and skills development

• Training and development

• Capacity building

• Diaspora development practices

• Publication

The institute has the capacity to host and run e-learning courses, webinars and other online educational events with participants worldwide. 

About AFFORD and AEP

African Foundation for Development (AFFORD) is a UK charity organisation whose mission is to expand and enhance the contribution that Africans in the diaspora make to Africa's development. This goal is pursued through programmes, projects and activities undertaken solely by the charity or in collaboration with partners in Africa, the United Kingdom, European Union and other parts of the world. The individual projects fall within overlapping programme themes. 

The current programme themes are:

  • Enterprise & Employment Development (EED)
  • Diaspora Remittances & Investment (DRI)
  • Diaspora Engagement & Capacity (DEC)
  • Action-Research, Policy & Practice (ARPP)

AFFORD’s charitable objects are ‘to relief poverty’ and ‘to advance education’ for the benefit of the public and in particular Africans and people of African descent. 

The Africa-Europe Platform (AEP) is a transnational initiative, working with African diaspora organisations across Europe, with a view to setting up a structured Europe-wide African Diaspora Platform for Development (EADPD). The project is funded by the European Commission and co-funded by the Swiss SDC, the Dutch MFA and the German GIZ. It runs for 3 years (2011-14) and covers the 27 EU countries as well as Norway and Switzerland. The project also liaises with five pilot countries in Africa, namely: Angola, Cameron Ethiopia, Morocco and Senegal.

The AEP objectives are:

  • Provide support for the establishment of a functioning European platform of African diaspora organisations working on development issues in Africa
  • Improve coordination, communication and cooperation of development activities undertaken by African diaspora and migrant organisations
  • Enhance capacities of diaspora and migrant organisations to extend and expand their participation in the development cooperation process in Africa.

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